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Gene Amoroso - Artist Statement

Life is complicated and often our life's path is not a straight line.  I have always had powerful inner desire to create art.  Even when not painting my mind would compose art and my eyes would see as an artist, deeply, probing the world around us for shapes and colors, dark and light and ultimately life. 


I strive to paint scenes that are “spiritually charged” and significant in some way to the observer and myself. An artist needs to go beyond technique and style and render images that achieve the “sublime.”  Although, In the end it all boils down to one point, how will I paint the light?!  Light is the essential ingredient of all art. Light is color.  Light is shade.  Light is shape and movement.  Light is what I paint, and this ingredient is what brings life into an artist’s image. 


I see the completed painting in my mind’s eye as I begin a canvas.  As I paint a transitional begins and the painting begins to have an existence of its own.  The painting will begin to tell me what next to do and how the completed painting will look.  The completed painting is a new soul in our universe and will grow and change as we all do during our time on earth and beyond. 


A painting is a visual expression of an image but is more than just a visual experience.  A painting should be felt and not necessarily analyzed. The message is often not verbal but more “visceral.” The constraints of language and words often are not able to express the meaning of a painting.  A painting, as an expression of time and space, holds a deeper meaning and as its light is projected into space it will grow wiser and more insightful. 


The final aspect of my work, and most important ingredient, is a strong  love of nature to all my paintings.  I believe there is a compelling spiritual aspect to all creative work.  The act of creation and to express what has been created is the language that conveys the essence of our souls.  I paint because it is what is uniquely my own and resides deep within my being and, God willing, will bring some light and understanding to the world.